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Takizawa Rengou Vol. 182 - September 28, 2005
Yahoo~ Genki kaa Yoshitsune's shoot will finish this week Iyaiya it's been soooo long  Lately we've been shooting until morning yo but I feel that towards the end the Yoshitsune family's bond with all the staff had deepened so much more We're between wanting it to end and also not wanting it all to end but I want it to end Yesterday I was lightening the solo concert's meeting It was done in just 15 minutes But I already have it all planned out inside my head so I will do my best to make it happen Saaーit will be a pleasant thing from now on da

Thanks for that last edit, satochan ^^ Otsukarechan deshita~

Erm... 15 minutes for a con prep meeting WOW, that is FAST! I don't know if I should be impressed or WORRIED LOL! 'Coz my prep meetings for events takes about 2 hours ... yerrr... coz everyone is arguing altogether hahah maybe Takki just works way more efficiently than me Maybe he just walks into the meeting and go something like, OK LISTEN HERE'S WHAT I WANT FOR MY CON, NO ARGUMENTS NO QUESTIONS, I TALK, YOU LISTEN AND DO Either that, or as cathy says... he walks into the meeting, everyone else talks, he naps *LOLLLLL* Anyway Takki, Yoshitsune otsukarechan Don't cry at the crank-up party!

Btw, I'm moving my blog elsewhere where I have more control over who exactly reads certain stuff. Been meaning to do this for a long time now but I've just been the laziest bum in the world but THANK YOU TO ANNOYING RECENT EVENTS WHO FINALLY KICKED MY BUTT AND ALSO AKI'S TO FINALLY GET OUR ASSES UP AND ACTUALLY DO IT Right now still working on it so maybe....... HIATUS kana.... Venturing into uncharted territory here Ga-ga-ganbarimasu Let you know soon

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U-san sent me a Japanese text copy of the TxT phone conversation on Tokyo Forum Tsubacon (9/19) last night, she found it on a Japanese fan's website! Thank you for sending this, U-san! And thank you to the person who wrote it all down too! Kya-- Takitsuba kawaii ...AND BAKA!!! LOL!

Are? Keitai ga...? I wonder who it is?
(a junior brings a silver-colored phone to Tsubasa) Gomen nasai, I don't know who it is...


(audience roars in laughter) 

Are! Got disconnected yo!!!
Su-suimasen! It got cut off!
(Tsubasa laughs) Eeto, hora! One more time iku yoー!

(phone call start)

Moshi moーshi!
Moshi moshi?
YOU, dare?
Moshi moshi?
Who is it?
(audience roars)

Ooー!Hide-kun! Now I’m in the middle of concert!
What's that?
Are you frying Tempura?
Now? Eeー? I'm on the phone with you!
Ee? It's really noisy over there!
Maaー, I’m in a concert now so I’ll call you back later!
Oiii! Kora!! OIIII!!!
Moshi moshi?
Moshi moshi?
Moshi moshi? What are you up to?
What are you doing now?
Ah, ima Yoshitsune-san.
Ah, Yoshitsune-san.
Hai. At NHK yo.
You’re gonna finish shooting soon desu yo ne?
Sou da ne, I'll be done this month yo.
Otsukaresama, ganbare yo!
Arigatou, Ganbatte ne!
Ee? That's it?
Hora, say a message for everyone or something!
Aa, message?

・・・・・・(momentary silence)

Do, doumo. Minna-san genki de? (audience roared in laughter) Please enjoy Tsubasa’s amazing dance!
.....Hai! Eeto, we've never really shown this in front of people ne, a phonecall with aikata-kun...
Like that is usually impossible yo ne!
Maa ne, But it's like that da yo...
Now I’m really really embarrassed!!!
Un! Me too! I don’t even know how to do this I’ve also been on the same pose this whole time

(audience laughs)

Jyaー, Tsubasa. I'll e-mail you like I usually do! (audience cheers)
Zettai uso da yo!
So mail me back as you usually do ne!
Aaー... previously I've mailed you back ne, about I writing that song lyrics for your solo concert.
Takizawa will also be doing solo concert ne!
Sou desu ne.
But I’ll be doing it around Christmas ne.
Sou desu ka...
Maー, then we’ll both ganbatte together.
Hai, sou da ne. ...Aa, tonight jyaa, wait for my oyasumi mail.
Aaー... wakatta, use lots of heartmarks wa!
AHAHAHAHAAA! Jyaa ne, Tsuba-chaaan!!!
Baibaaaaiii... hai arigatooou!

BUHAHAHHAHAHH!!! OOOOMGGGG *wipes tears*.... All that moshi-moshis are sooooo cute and so bakaaaa!!! And that tempura thing what the heck!!! LMAO!!! That was such a BAKAJIJI comment to ask if Tsubasa was "FRYING TEMPURA" just because he heard a lot of buzzing noises in the background!!! ROFLLLL!!!!! Ahhhh these two... so kawaiiii... so baka....... so... ENDEARING Thank you again to U-san for helping us find the copy text! Arigatou!!!!

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